Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Piece of advice

When taking your Christmas tree out, take the tree out of the water-filled-stand first. If you don't you'll end up with a big mess every where. Matt and I learned that the hard way today. 

Thanks Kierstyn!

If you like the new layout, thanks Kierstyn. We worked on it a tiny bit before I had to head to the airport and she finished it up for me. Doesn't it look good???

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Falling Behind

We are now back in Georgia from a nice long vacation in Kansas. There are tons of pictures and stories. Most of them can be seen on Kierstyn's blog. Nothing like slacking off and then having a sister cover you, huh? Anyways, want to let everyone know I am really going to work harder on keep the blog current. If I think of anything Kierstyn missed I'll add it to mine. :-)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Party Time!

To announce that we are having a son we had Matt's family over. We didn't tell them what the baby was. We had them write their guess down and then go to the nursery to find out.

Here's one wall in the nursery. There were blue streamers and balloons every where!

Brenda and Ricky brought the very yummy desserts. Thanks! :-)

Matt with his grandpa

Once then men found out it was a boy they were quite happy to sit away from all the baby craziness. 

Us with both of Matt's grandmothers

Angela and me

Melinda with a bib she gave Jeremiah. It says, "My Aunt Loves Me!"

Brenda with Granny (her mom)

Matt's favorite outfit so far. :-)

Thanks to everyone who came over to share in our joy! Thank you for all of the sweet baby things! I have a feeling Jeremiah won't be lacking for a thing.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Finally here are some of the pictures from the trip!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

About time!

I know it was almost two weeks ago when I siad I would add photo's of Jeremiah. Well here they are! Hopefully I'll be better about making posts once he's born. Here's hoping!

His whole body. How incredible is that!

I love this picture! His little face with his hands right there. 

Our son!

Sweet profile

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


BOY! We are having a little boy! From the ultrasound he looks great! Measuring right on schedule. Not big, yea! He has all of his organs and is an active little guy! During the ultrasound he was just kicking away. We are so thankful for the blessing of our son and the fact that he's healthy.  

The girl doing the ultrasound told us everything that's white is bone. I saw her move the camera down his body to see if we would tell the sex. I thought his little bottom were his knees. I asked if the baby really had it's knees together. She told me it was his bottom, didn't take long after that to figure out we're having a boy! Picture will come soon. Tomorrow hopefully. 

For all of those you who voted for a little girl (DAD!) on the poll, sorry, you lost. The rest of you, congrats! you guessed right!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Welcome home!

This past weekend Matt and I were in Vegas for Ricky's (Matt's dad) 50th birthday. Was a fun trip and there will be a blog with lots of pictures coming soon!

Once we landed we were both hungry so we stopped at Chick-Fil-A for some dinner and a milkshake. I go to take a drinks of the milkshake, the lid pops off! I end up with milkshake all in my lap. Did I mention it was 30 degrees outside? No good! Clean up as much as we can and wait till we get home. 

I walk into the house and see that our real Christmas tree tipped over at some point while we were gone. Great! One good thing was we had a bag to collect the needles in and that caught all the water. I was so thankful not the have to mess with wet carpet. Sadly one ornament was lost.

By the time we get the tree standing up and thing picked up we fall into bed. I work Matt up a few hours later scream "Spider!" Apparently I was dreaming that there was a spider in our bed. Matt was so confused and jumped out of bed to kill the nonexistent spider.  

This morning as I start to get ready for work I see there's a bug in our bathroom. This is kind of normal since it's been getting cold out. This morning it was a scorpion! Not sure that Matt believed me when I told him there was a scorpion in the bathroom for him to kill. 

What a welcome home, huh?

Monday, November 24, 2008


For a little over a week I've been able to feel the baby move. It was a little creep at first, now I love it. Started out as a fluttering feeling. Now it's a popcorn kind of feeling for the most part and every now and then it feels like a kick or it's rolling over. Pretty strong for a little thing!
Poor Matt was feeling a little left out I think. But not any more! Sunday morning he felt the baby move for the first time. His face just lit up and his eyes were huge! Cutest thing ever. He was able to feel the baby again tonight. 

It's so exciting finally getting to see a change in my body and actually feel the baby move. Makes it more real that in just over 20 weeks this little baby will be here in our arms. 

Saturday, November 22, 2008

All about Matt...

Everything you might want to know about my husband:

1. Where did you meet? Belhaven during my sophomore year and his senior

2. How long did you date? Before we got engaged, 9 months and were engaged for a 9 months

3. How long have you been married? 1 and a half years

4. What does he say that surprises you? Matt's a really laid back guy, so whenever he starts venting I'm surprised because usually he doesn't do that

5. What is your favorite feature of his? His smile

6. What is your favorite quality of his? He's  playfulness, always trying to make things fun

7. Does he have a nickname for you? Babe and Sweetie

8. What is his favorite color? Not sure, let me ask... Red, Georgia red

9. What is his favorite food? my poppyseed chicken

10. What is his favorite sport? college football

11. When and where did you first kiss? Oh goodness... I don't know the date like Kierstyn. He picked me up from the airport after fall break. We went back to his apartment and had our first kiss there. 

12. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? we're still newlyweds so we just love being together. Really like going out to eat or staying at home watching movies. 

13. Do you have any children? Our first is on the way! YEA!

14. Does he have a hidden talent? He's a surprisingly good cook. Doesn't do it often but when he does it's always tasty

15. How old is he? 26

16. Who said "I love you" first? He did, I was the first girl he ever said that to. How sweet is that???

17. What is his favorite type of music? Alternative Christian

18. What do you most admire about him? How cooperative he is, which is great because I can get pretty stubborn. He's a great example to me. 

19. Do you think he will read this? I'm sure he will since he knows I'm doing a survey about him

20. Where did you go on your first date? We went to Christmas formal together. He  had clues about where we would go to eat and what was for dessert and roses. Best first date ever!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


August 12, 4 weeks

Yesterday, 18 weeks. Can you tell a difference???

What I've learned

I'm now 18 weeks pregnant and here's what I've learned so far...

Maternity pants are way more comfortable!
Once you're belly starts getting big it'll stick out the bottom of pre-pregnancy shirts
Tums are amazing
Not a good idea to jump while pregnant
The baby gets tired of being in the same position too, especially at night
There's just no way to wear pre-maternity hose. Doesn't work well

That's all so far but I've got 22 more weeks to go. Who know what all I'll have learned by then!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bad to Better

Tuesday night as I was heading home from work I got rear-ended. Nothing too bad at all. I pulled over into the next parking lot I came to talk to the man and exchange information. He didn't stop! Drove right by me. I was livid. Poor Matt got an earful about it.

Just to be safe I called my OB yesterday to let them know. They told me I HAD to be seen. I tried to explain that it wasn't that bad, but they stuck with it. I ended up setting an appointment with my OB and head there after work, around 4:15.  Matt and I get there and the midwife asked why we didn't go the the ER. Then proceeded to tell us all they could do was listen to the baby's heart and couldn't tell us everything was fine with the baby. Now I'm starting to freak out.

Matt and I headed to the ER at 5:15, just to be safe. Plus we're heading out of town tonight and knew we wouldn't be comfortable unless we knew for sure. So after much paper work, a lot of waiting and being told I couldn't eat in the waiting area we were seen. This is about 6:30. Thankfully in my room there was a TV so we got to watch Bravo and TLC. Made the time go much faster! 

They did sonogram to make sure everything was fine. The poor lady doing to sonogram. The baby was sitting on it's head in my pelvic bone and would not move! I drank water, went to the bathroom, laid on my said, nothing would make the baby move. So after probably close to 20 minutes sonogram lady is able to get everything she needs. 

We head back to my room, it's about 8:00 now. Watch John and Kate Plus 8 for a while. The doctor came in and told us everything looks great! YEA! He also told us the baby is measuring 16 weeks 6 days. I was 16 weeks exactly yesterday. Maybe the baby had the Johnston-big-baby gene. 

At 9:00 we left the ER and headed to the closest McDonald's. Neither one of us had eaten since lunch. It was a very long and stressful two day. But we got to see the baby again, which is always wonderful!  Now we know for sure it's doing great.  

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baby Update

Today Matt and I had a doctor's appointment. Nothing to exciting, blood work and talking to the doctor. We also got to listen to the baby's heart beat. Matt had the great idea of taking video of it so we can share it with you all!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Matt and I have been dying to paint since we've moved in. Today we finally started! 

After doing to cut in work. If you can't tell it's a nice blue. We have an awesome rug with a bunch of different colors in it. The blue on the wall goes with the rug. 

The finished product! Still need to do some touch up and paint the try ceiling. Plan is to do the try tomorrow and the touch up, soon. :-) We love it!

Next is the half bath. Have all the paint for that so hopefully within the next week we'll get it finish. I love color!

What a good husband!

Matt has been such an awesome help this week! Monday I did grocery shopping and made a meal plan for the week. Tuesday I get home from work and he has the salad ready, the ravioli cooking and was about to put rolls in the oven! Wednesday he did the same thing! This time with hamburgers, corn on the cob and home made french fries. Have to  admit I was worried about the fries at first. They were so good; I couldn't stop eating the them.

It's been so nice having him cook this week. Lately I've been getting off work and I'm exhausted and frustrated. I've really enjoyed being able to come home and have a yummy meal that I didn't cook. 

Thanks for all your help Matt! 

Monday, October 6, 2008

Baby Update

Had a doctor's appointment on Thursday. Not really sure what the point was since we went over the same thing last time I was there. Oh well, what ya gonna do? 

The midwife said she would try to find the baby's heart beat through my tummy. She warned that we might be able to find it since the baby is so small. I had her go ahead and try. She looked for close to 5 minutes and I was already start to stress that we couldn't find it. I guess I should have listened to the warning better! She found it for a split second and said it sounded good. After about another 5 minutes looking she found it again! Matt and I got to listen to it for a nice long time. The midwife guessed that the heart rate was about 160.

It was so amazing to get to hear our baby's heart beat! Since I'm not showing yet and haven't been sick it almost like I forget that I'm pregnant. Getting to hear the heart beat changes that! I'm always blown away when I think about the fact that Matt and my first baby is growing inside of me right now. What a miracle!

Next appointment is the end of the month. At that visit we'll probably get to set up our next sonogram. The sonogram where we find out what the baby is!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A nice, quiet walk

That's what we thought we were doing. We took Tonks so she could burn off some energy. Tonks is not very good on a leash. She want to be as far ahead of us as she can be and can't walk in a straight line. We were trying to keep her closer to us. She sounded like she was dying! She was strangling her herself. Matt was worried, I told him she wouldn't kill herself. So loving,huh?

 Tonks then need to go to the bathroom in the neighbor's grass! I didn't bring a bag because I took her to go potty before we left. Matt ended up running back to the house and grabbing a bag.  

Things were going much better till Matt realized there were blood drops right in front of us. Didn't take us too long to realize they were coming from Tonks! Easy to figure out because there was a good bit of blood on her face and her tongue was covered in blood! Some how she bit her tongue. There was one point where she stopped and as I walked past her she freaked out. I think it happened then. 

We decided to end the walk pretty quickly after that. I'm sure we were quite a sight!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


For the past 4 months I've had to live without a garbage disposal. Not sure how I did it. Honestly, it wasn't too bad at first. Once I was pregnant, I just could not handle that nasty food catcher thing. Matt would have  clean it out for me every night. 
Earlier this week Mr. Ron and Ms Terri came over so that the guys could instal a garbage disposal. While the guys were picking one out and getting the supplies Ms Terri and I went and got dinner. Yum, Chines! We all ate and then it was time to work! Ms Terri and I supervised and watch John and Kate Plus Eight.  
The guys got it done pretty quickly! And it works great! I love having a garbage disposal again. Thanks for your help Mr Ron and Ms Terri! I owe you all cookies! 

Friday, September 12, 2008


The day Matt and I were having the sonogram I was so excited! I woke up and couldn't sleep anymore. Matt heard me stirring  and started to wake up. When I saw him waking up I said, "It's like Christmas!" Matt looked at me and said in a very sleepy-grumpy voice, "It's not Christmas" then rolled over. I just laid there, a little stunned. A moment later Matt rolled over again. He was a little more awake, so he agreed that it was like Christmas. I thought it was hilarious! 

Thursday, September 11, 2008

First Pictures!

We had our first sonogram three and a half weeks ago. The baby was just a gestational sack then. I loving called it me "little black dot baby"

This Tuesday we had the eight week sonogram. It's amazing to see how much the baby has grown and developed. Everything think looks perfect. The baby's heart rate was good. We got to see it's heart just pumping away. Makes me smile just thinking about it.  

The day we found out we were pregnant in our small group we read Psalm 139:13-16. I've been thinking about that passage a lot as the pregnancy progresses. 

For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother's 
I praise you because I am fearfully and
wonderfully made,
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.
My frame was not hidden from you
when I was made in the secret place.
When I was woven together in the depths
of the earth,
our eyes saw my unformed body.
All the days ordained for me
were written in your book
before one of them came to be. 

It's amazing to think that's what's happening to our baby right now. Our God indeed it is awesome God!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

What a day...

This started last night. 

Matt was grilling. We both went outside and Tonks got out! We don't have a fence and Tonks has slipped out of her collar and taken of around the neighborhood. Once she realized she was outside with out her leash, she took off! Thankfully Matt was able to catch her pretty quickly.

Later in the evening we decide to make some cookies. I had to add some coco. As I was trying to put the lid back on it, something happened! Next thing I know it's falling and coco is flying everywhere! All over the floor, counter and ourselves.  We finally got it all cleaned up, the vacuum now smells like coco whenever it's on. Then the cookies didn't turn out!

This morning Matt tells me something is wrong with his ear and he needs to get it checked out. Matt never wants to go to the doctor! I start to worry and decided I would take a sick day so I could go to the doctor with him.

I'm opening this week so I had to go in and work for a little while. Once everyone else came in for the day I start getting ready to leave. I go to lock my coin vault, I end up SLAMMING my thumb in the door! Oh it hurt so badly! It started to bruise immediately. I now have I nice bruise under my nail that will be there for a while. 

I finally get out of work and Matt and I go to the doctor. He has simmers ear and a middle ear infection. He's on medication now and feeling much better.

Just been one thing after another. Thankfully hasn't been anything too big, just annoyances.    


Looks like my morning sickness was short lived! I haven't been sick since Sunday, wohoo! One of my friends from church gave me some great advice; take my vitamin at night. This seems to have made a huge difference. I've gotten a ton of other great ideas. The other one that's been a big help is to keep crackers by the bed and have some before getting up. I still feel a little nauseated (is that the right form of the word? I always forget which it is) in the mornings but nothing like it was. Yea!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

It begins

Last week I started feeling a little sick in the morning. Nothing that some crackers wouldn't fix. Today I had full on morning sickness. No fun. During church anytime I touched Matt he thought I was trying to tell him I was abut to be sick again. Thankfully I was sick only at the house. I'm hoping it won't get much worse then this.
I don't know how hopeful I am since my mom and grandmother both had horrible morning sickness! My mom had to go to the doctor and have IVs put in to rehydrate all through her pregnancy! My grandfather tells stories of having to shove people out of the way on the subway in New York City so my grandma could be sick. Like I said, not too hopeful. Some good news is my sister Kierstyn was sick a little at the beginning of her pregnancies, and that's about it. Maybe I'll be like her. Here's hoping! 


For those of you who haven't seen I beat my dad in our blogging wars.  Yea! I'll try to keep having a good blog!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A good day

Friday, I got to work was really tired and then found out one of our tellers called out. That meant there were only two tellers for the bank. I had to work the drive thru alone. I was not looking forward to the day. 
Midmorning I had a customer come through who I've gotten to know some. She told me she had a gift for me. I was stunned! She gave me some air freshener from Pier 1. It was really sweet of her and made the day better.
When I went out for lunch I went to a sandwich place that banks with us. The manager was there so I was talking to him while I ordered. When I went to check out they handed me a cup and that was it. I was so confused! The manager told me that they were buying my lunch! He's reason was that I'm their favorite Regions employee and I go the extra mile. 
What was really encouraging to me was that people noticed and appreciate how I do my job. I was amazed that what started out as a bad day turned turned into a great day!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bald spot

This morning I was running a little late for work so I was rushing as I was doing my makeup. I went to curl my eyelashes and hear a funny noise. Didn't think anything of it till I went to put on my mascara and it wasn't going on evenly. I look closer and I'm missing some eyelashes. I look at my eyelash curler and see I'm missing a lot of eyelashes! Some how some of my eyelashes got cut off! I was horrified! It's not to noticeable as long as I'm not wearing mascara and I wear my glasses. I hope they grow back. Do eyelashes grow back, anyone know?

It's official

Matt and I are pregnant! We're about 6 weeks along. The baby s due April 22. We're so excited to be expecting our first child.  Everything  seems to be going really well. We're so happy!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


 Brenda and Rick gave us their old dining room table. We were so excited because in our house we have a dining room but no table. For the past few months it been an empty room, mainly used to play with Tonks. 

The table was really nice but not our style.  I came up with the idea of painting the chair and legs of the table and re-stain the top. Matt and I love watching home make over shows. We've seen them do this bunches of time. We went for it! Turned out to be much more of a project then
we fist thought it would be. Thankfully we got                                                                                         some help. Matt's uncle Keith was a  help! He got 
us some amazing black paint. Paint that's used on jets, so we know this is going to hold up!

After probably a month of work, the table is finished! We're so please with how it turned out. I think it's awesome to have something in our home that we worked on together. 

Thanks Brenda, Ricky and Keith for all the help! 

It's on, Old Man....

I've been getting a lot of complaints (DAD) over the last few weeks about how I never blog anymore. This morning I do one post and as I'm waiting for my pictures to load, I'm looking at other blogs. What did I find? I poll on Dad's blog asking who's blog is better! Can you believe that??? All I have to say is, it's on. We'll see who has the better blog. 

So if you like my blog, please go vote for me! :-)


Shannon came and visited us the end of last week. We hung out with Ms. Terri on Friday, Mr. Ron was working all weekend so we didn't get to see him. Most of the weekend was spent watching the Olympics and moves. 
On Monday I had the day off so Shannon and I got to do fun girly stuff. We went shopping. Got pedicures. My toes nails are blue, Shannon's were a blue-purple! We went to O Charlie's for lunch. Very yummy! Monday evening I freaked out because I realized Shannon was leaving the next day and we hadn't take any pictures yet! Not a good thing for a scrapbooker to do. So here are the pictures from Shan's visit.



Gotta take a picture with Tonkers!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Shannon came to visit us on Thursday. We weren't the only ones to welcome her into our home. Ants did too! For some reason there is an army of ants trying to take over my kitchen. I don't have any bug spray so I have to use Grease Lighting, works surprisingly well! Today I found that the ants made their way to my bedroom, not good! Matt's going to get some bug killer that will hopefully get ride of them all tomorrow.  I feel like I have bugs on mw all the time. So gross. 

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Four Eyes

I guess it serves me right after teasing my sisters growing up about them having to get glasses while I had 20/20 vision. I now have glasses. Maybe I'll post a picture of them later on...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pink is my signature color...

It's true I love pink! But not in my eye. This morning I woke up and could hardly open my eye. I went into work for a little while. I called my manager to let her know and her response was, "Balance and get out!" I was very thankful to hear that since I've been fighting off a bug all week and my eye was driving me crazy. Thankfully the doctor gave me lots of drugs so hopefully I'll be over all of this soon. 

Monday, July 7, 2008

We made it back!

For the 4th of July we went to Kansas to see my whole family. It was awesome to be back in home; we hadn't be there or seen the kids since Thanksgiving. For pictures see Kierstyn or Dad's blogs. 
When we got to the airport to catch out 4:30 flight on Sunday we found out our flight was delayed till 6:30. Thankfully my folks live about 5 minutes from the airport, Momma came and took us back to the house. We got to go to the pool and spend more time with everyone. We kept checking on the flight to figure out when we needed to get back to the airport. There was bad weather in Atlanta so we didn't end up leaving Wichita till Almost 8:30! We should have already been home. By the time we got off the plan, meet up with Ricky, picked up Tonks and a car it was 1am! Wouldn't have been too bad if I didn't have to be at work at 7:15. I was not happy when the alarm went off this morning!
Even thought last night was crazy and short, I'm so glad we got to see the family. Well worth it!

Monday, June 30, 2008

365 Days

Today is Matt and my one year anniversary! All day I've been thinking about a year ago, all the preparations and joy of the day. Crazy to think that it was only a year ago when we got married. Here is one of my favorite pictures from our wedding. 

Once we both got home from work we went to one of our favorite restaurant. Such good food and an awesome atmosphere. A very nice time of relaxing and talking.  When I asked the waitress to take our picture for our anniversary I asked Matt if she thought it was of dating. :-) 

I am so thankful for Matthew. It's hard to put into words what I think of him and how I feel about it him. He truly is an amazing husband and such a blessing in my life. He's helped me learn so much about myself, love and my Savior through the love he shows me daily. 
I love you, Matthew. Happy anniversary!

I stole the title from Kierstyn who got it from Shannon. Good to keep things in the family, right?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Just wanted all of the fathers in my life , Daddy, Ricky, Papa Jimmie, Papa Maye, to know that I'm thinking of each of you. Love you!

What a bad dog!

We've been to testing Tonks to see how she'll behave while we're gone. She had been doing amazing well! 
We left her out for about five hours one afternoon. We discovered that's too much free time for a little puppy. She chewed a whole in our bedroom wall! Yes, a whole. It's about the size of a golf ball and goes to a dark whole that's underneath our stairs. I couldn't believe it!
When we moved in we had scratched the dry wall. Tonks had never noticed it before. The other day she did notice and attacked it! Obviously, she's back in the crate again.  

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I'm a loser

Matt's Aunt Melinda and Uncle Mike got a pool earlier this summer. That's were we spend a good portion of our weekends. While we were there today Matt swam the length of the pool under water. I thought it couldn't be that hard so I gave it a try. I wanted to make sure I stayed under water so I was getting as close as I could to the bottom, of the sallow end. I ended up scraping my chin on the bottom! Now I have a nice red mark. It's kind of on the under side,  it's not too obvious (hopefully).  Thankfully, I'm in the drive thru at work. Maybe I won't have any customers asking questions about it. I felt like a dork though. :-)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Last night was Matt's last softball game. It was a really good game! They played run for run the whole game. At one point Matt was on second base going for third. He had to slide in to be safe and ended up taking off a layer or two of skin in the process. The umpire made him get a covering on it before he could play any more. Even though Matt gave up some skin, the lost by on run. Very disappointing.

This was taken before we cleaned it up. It still looks pretty bad today, mainly because it's still orange looking. I blame it on the clay.  

Beware of the birds

This weekend Matt and I spent a lot of time working on the house. Well, it wasn't really working, just getting some odds and ends done. We spent the most time weeding the flower bed out front. Not a bad job, except some birds made a nest on the porch. At first the momma bird kept flying by us; she finally left us alone. We ended up calling it quits because there were at least five birds dive bombing around us!
Today when Matt got home from work he saw that the eggs had hatched at there were at least 3 birdies! Of course, I wanted to see them. I ended up climbing on the porch (while the neighbors watched). Momma bird was not happy at all. I kid you not, the bird fly inches away from our heads! Pretty scary. Despite that, I was able to get a cute picture!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

House Pictures

I followed through! Here are a few pictures of the house. 

The front
The living room from the door

The dinning room

Another of the living room

The kitchen, messy huh?

I have more but it's taking forever for them to load. So this is just a taste. Maybe more tomorrow. These will have to do for now.  :-)

House Pictures

Monday, May 26, 2008

Something to look forward too

I know I've been horrible about posting now that we're in the house. I want to let everyone know that my goal for tomorrow is to take some pictures and get them posted. Hopefully I'll get it done.

Friday, May 9, 2008

It's Official

We're home owners! Yesterday was the closing and everything went very well. The only problem we ran into was when we went to start cleaning the house. The seller's agent took the lock box off the door and didn't let us know where the keys were. We spent close to 20 minutes trying to break in and find the keys. The agent finally called, after we dented the garage door. and told us where she hid them. 
We were able to get the kitchen and all the bathrooms cleaned and the whole house vacuumed, thanks to Mom, Miss Terri, and Brenda. Also, Matt, Mr. Ron and Ricky got blinds on all the windows. 
Today the plan is to get the kitchen moved. And finish packing everything for the big move tomorrow!
Thanks for all the help and prayers!   

Saturday, May 3, 2008

More house stuff

Matt made a floor plan of the house. I know there are a lot of picture of the house up, but the floor plan really helps you get a feel for the house

Birthday time!

On April 24 Matt got to experience a Johnston style birthday!  Here are a few pictures from the day.

Breakfast in bed! I love that you can see a pile of his presents right next to him.

Matt with the cake I made him, obviously. It was such a fun day! I got to have a half day at work and was able to meet have lunch with Matt. Brenda and Ricky came over and had cake and ice-cream with us. 

My Bad

Sorry about not posting for a while. I forgot my password and haven't been able to sign on for a while. I'm always forgetting my passwords.
Quick catch up, we're closing on the house on Thursday and moving in a week from today! A little overwhelming as we're trying to get things packed and make sure everything is good to go in the new house. Thankfully, we have a lot of help. Matt's family is in the area and have been helping us get ready. My mom is flying in on Tuesday and will be here for a week. She'll get to be a part of everything! The packing, cleaning the house, unpacking and then organizing. Gotta love it! 
Please keep us in your prayers as we get closer to moving in. Thanks!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

We got it!

Last night we heard from the bank. They countered our offer (they had to because our offer had expired) but they kept every thing the same! Today we met with Randy, our realtor and uncle and sign the contract! We are so thankful to be finished looking and thrilled with God has provided us with. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Another Update

So Matt and I decided to make an offer on the house we like, as did another couple! The house is bank owned; yesterday the bank told both of us to make another offer and have it in by 9am this morning. Matt and I spent a good bit of time thinking, praying and getting advice. We finally made another offer last night and thought we would know something by noonish. At about 2:30 we found out it will take the bank 2 to 3 days to process the offers. Now we're back in the wait and see thing. 
If it doesn't work out for us to get this house we're going to try for the one in the same neighborhood. It looks like the couple we're bidding  against for this is also interested in the other one. I think it's pretty funny. 
Here are some pictures of the house we currently have an offer on. Let me know what you think!

Friday, April 4, 2008


In my last post about about the houses, I said we really liked the first but could not afford it. Matt and I went back and forth for a while about if we should make and offer and decided that we couldn't. Today Matt was looking at houses online and saw the price on the house we really liked had been drastically reduced! It's now in our price range; granted it's at the high end of it. We made an offer tonight and are waiting to here back. We're not planing on hearing anything until after the weekend. Both of us are very excited that God has opened this door for us. I'll let you know when we hear anything!
The MLS number is 02351108, if you want to look at it online. We're going to look at it again tomorrow so I'll post some pictures. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

House Hunting

On Saturday Matt and I continued the search for a house. We decided to look around the area we're living in now; which would keep us close to work but 40 minutes from church. Sunday school provided some encouragement about that. One of the families in our class lives about the same distance away and said that several other families do as well. I felt much better about looking around this area after hearing that. 
We found a really great neighborhood with a pool, play area, soccer field, street lights and really cute houses. 
The first one we went into was amazing! It had a hug, open floor plan. As much as we liked it we just can't afford it. Dang it! :-)
Here is another one we went into in the same neighborhood. We think we like it. I say think because there was so much furniture in that house it was hard to get an idea of what it was really like and how our furniture would fit in the house. It did have an amazing kitchen and a split floor plan, which are pluses.  So found an option but we're going to keep looking.  

Had a bad day again...

I didn't spill my coffee, break a shoe lace or smear the lip stick on my face. Still, yesterday was not such a great day. Matt and I sleep with our windows open, we didn't realize how could it was going to get and forgot about all the pollen in the air when we got into bed on Sunday night. I work up with a scratchy throat and a runny nose at 6:30. Not a big deal but I started feeling worse as the day went on. I was able to leave work early, 4:45.  I was so excited! As I was driving home, I drifted off the road some and ended up getting a flat tire. That was at about 4:50. Call Matt and he came to the rescue. What a good man! We (I really did help!) headed to Sam's to get anew tired around 5:20. HAd to get new tires last night because I had training in Atlanta today and didn't want to drive there and back on a little spare! Get to Sam's drop off the car at a little before six. We didn't get to leave until after 7. It was such a long day!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

House Hunting

Our weekends for the past six weeks have been mostly spent looking for a house. We found an area we really want to live in. It's very close to our church and not too far from both of our jobs. So far we have made offers on two different house and have been turned down both times. We know the house God has for us is out there, we're just ready to find it! We're work with a schedule; the lease on our apartment is up the end of May.

This is the front of one of the houses we went to last week. What do you think??? 


I love company

A week ago today, a friend from college came to see us. It's had been about two years since Matt and I had seen Stephen, that's due to the fact he's from Northern Ireland! Not only did, Stephen come, Mary Downing did as well.  The four of us used to hang out all the time while we were in college. 
Since we had company, we decided to go into Atlanta and do some of the touristy stuff. I was so excited because I had been wanting to go to Atlanta but never did. Kind of felt like I shouldn't be touristy since I live in the area now. Thanks Stephen and MD for giving me a reason to act like a tourist!
We went to the World of Coke. I had been there when I was younger, but the location has changed and it has had some up grades. My favorite part, I think everyone's for that matter, was the room where you got the taste Cokes from all over the World. It's amazing how gross some of them are! Sadly, I don't have pictures from the World of Coke. The four of us decided to use one camera instead of three. Most of the pictures are on Stephen's camera.
After walking around the World of Coke we worked up an appetite and went to the Varsity for lunch.  Varsity is a local place known for their hot dogs and shakes.
Funny picture, I know. Matt couldn't get Stephen and MD to stop laughing. Stephen kept trying to drink his shake but it was so thick he couldn't get it up the straw. Everything is funnier when it's said with an Irish accent. Even complaining about how thick shakes are. 

If you're gonna act like a tourist, might as well go all out and wear the funny paper hats!
Stephen and MD headed to Jackson on Sunday after church and lunch. A quick yet awesome visit. It was so wonderful to be able to spend time with MD and Stephen. Hopefully it won't be two years before we get to do it again!

Monday, March 24, 2008


My birthday was March 14. Poor Matt had to meet a lot of expectations because birthdays in the Johnston house are a HUGE deal. My dad always said it was like Christmas for just one person. A normal birthday growing up was breakfast and presents in bed, lunch out and the diner of your choice. 
Opening presents! This is a movie my folks gave me, Rear Window. So good! Go rent it! 

Time to eat. My family had a cup we used only on birthdays. Momma sent me one for Matt and I use for our family. Matt made me cinnamon rolls and julics for breakfast. Very yummy.

My first birthday being married was wonderful! Weird being a way from my family but very fun getting to spend it with Matt for the first time. He came to my work and took me out for lunch. For dinner he let me pick what we had, can't go wrong with Papa Jonhs! Thanks to everyone for helping to make my birthday so special!


A few weeks ago Matt joined our church softball team. Matt did really well considering he's never played softball or baseball before. He plays catcher and is hoping to get a home run this season. I took some pictures but they didn't turn out. I'll get some up before the seasons over. We've had two games so far, lost the first and won the second. We're really enjoying softball. I'm slowly figuring out the rules. Thankfully there is another young couple who comes to the games, they've been helping me a lot.  

Thursday, March 13, 2008

She only looks sweet

Our sweet puppy, Tonks, at least that's what I thought until I got home from work last night. I went to change and saw I had left a new cashmere sweater that my parents got in February on the bed. When I went to put it away I noticed something was wrong.

Tonks had chewed holes in two parts of of it! you can see that in the middle by the buttons is still wet. The other spot is on the right hem. Needless to say I was not happy and Tonks knew it!