Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So much for calm

I closed my last blog with, "Here's hoping we all sleep well tonight and tomorrow is calmer then today!" I did not get my wish.

I woke up through out the night with contractions. At 4:30 I got up because they were keeping me up. I tried watching a movie and walking. Walking made them more painful. After 90 minutes I got Matt up. He suggested laying on my side, that slowed them down to about every 6 minutes but they were still pretty painful. I hopped in the tub to see if that would help any. Made no difference.

After all the drama of going to the hospital and being sent home with Jeremiah was nervous to go. I did not want to be sent home. Especially since I had been to the hospital the day before and the midwife told me I probably had over a week left.

Travis, Matt's brother, took Jeremiah out for breakfast. While they were out Matt and I packed a bag and I debated on if I should call my midwife. At this point the contractions were any where from 4 to 6 minutes. But so painful! I had to stop whatever I was doing to lean over on something. With them being far apart I was able to recover from one and then get ready for the next one. Shortly after Travis and Jeremiah got home, we called Brenda to come get Jeremiah.

When I called my midwife I was really torn on what to do, because she asked if I wanted to come in. I wanted her to just tell me to come in. I almost waited, but was so uncomfortable I thought Ephram was on the way or something was wrong.

The drive to the hospital take about 30 minutes. Longest 30 minutes of my life! The contractions started getting stronger and then closer, about every 3 minutes. I no longer felt like I could stay on top of them. 10 minutes into the drive I felt like I HAD to go the bathroom. When we had about 10 minutes left the contraction started lasting longer. I felt like I wanted to push.

Poor Matt. I could tell he was getting anxious the closer we got to the hospital and the labor became more intense. He's driving got faster and of course there were lots of slow people on the roads. He was amazing at encouraging me and helping me through the contractions.

As we pulled into the parking lot I started to lose it. I was telling Matt I couldn't do it. Walking from the car to the hospital we had to stop so I deal it a contraction. Waiting to be buzzed onto the L&D wing I had to hang on Matt to deal with the contraction. As we walked to the nurses station I heard every one there go, "Oh yeah, she's ready!" Had to stop on the walk to my room to deal with another contraction. I nurse was trying to talk me through, I kept telling her no, I think. :-) Once it was over she asked if I wanted an epidural, I said "Yes, if I still can."

We FIANLLY got to the room and I went to the bathroom to change. I went to go to the bathroom and my water broke. I yelled for Matt. He cam in and I told him, "my water broke, help me get undressed, I want to push!" The next bit is kind of a blur, but this is what I remember. A soon as I laid down I had a contraction and said I wanted to push. The nurse called Lynn, the midwife, in. Lynn checked me and said, "Ok, we're going to have a baby! Get the essentials!" I wasn't in the computer system, didn't have an IV. I felt completely out of control, not a feeling I enjoy. Apparently I was talking a lot too in between contractions, saying I couldn't do it and such. While I was pushing I heard them talking to me, but it didn't mean anything. Like on Peanuts when the adults talk "wha wha wha". I started pulling it together when I heard Lynn say, "You need to have this baby... Push out your baby... You can do this...His heart rate is dropping, push out your baby." She said it all in a very calm, matter of the fact way that helped me focus. I started hearing Matt telling me I could do it, that I was doing great and counting. I pulled it together and Ephram was born!

It was amazing because I felt him being born, sorry if that' TMI. :-) They put him on me right way. I was immediately blown away by all of his dark hair and how long he looked. Matt and I were able to start loving on him as soon as he was born. Matt got to cut the cord. The whole thing was completely different then Jeremiah's birth.

From the time we walked into the hospital till Ephram was born was 15 minutes. From the time I got on the bed till Ephram was born I had four or five contractions. We're very thankful we didn't have him in the car! Lynn told us we were lucky to have made it. Crazy!

So ended up having a natural labor and delivery. Ephram's only 3 days old and I can already see the curse (pain in childbirth but will still desire my husband and more children). I don;t remember the pain. I remember it was bad, and thinking "I will not do natural again! Who would choose to do this???" Just 3 days later I'm thinking, "that wasn't too bad, I could do natural again... If I had to."

God was good in that I as able to have Ephram so quickly after getting to the hospital. I don;t know what I would have done if I need to labor for a few more hours without an epidural. He knew exactly what I could handle and gave Matt and I wisdom on when to go to the hospital. God was faithful in blessing us with another beautiful, healthy little boy!

Here he is Ephram Brant 7 lbs 14 oz 20 inches Born April 23, 2011 at 11:24 am

Friday, April 22, 2011

Momma said there would be days like this

It's been one of those days. Started last night when I found out that my papa passed away. Even though I knew it was coming, still knocked the wind out of me. Thankfully Matt was home and Jeremiah was with his grandparents.

Ephram is usually extremely active in the morning before I get out of bed. This morning I couldn't feel him. I tried drinking a soda and laying down, still nothing. After waiting a while I called my midwife. Of course all this is happening before the office was open. Matt and I headed to the hospital to make sure Ephram was all right. Praise the Lord, Ephram was fine. Pretty quickly after they started monitoring me I started feeling him move. That's how it always goes!

Even though Ephram seemed fine, they did a Biophysical ultrasound to make sure. It's just an ultrasound where they check the baby's gross body movement(arms and legs), fine movement (fingers and toes), breathing, amniotic fluid and heart. Ephram scored perfect! YAY!

Matt and I were thrilled to get to see Ephram again. We hadn't seen him since we found out he was a boy at 19 weeks! He's changed so much! We saw his hair, him opening and closing his eyes, his iris, big pouty lips and his diaphragm moving as he practised breathing! Incredible! They had a "buzzer" that they would use to get him to do the gross body movement. It was basically an electronic zurberter (raspberry). It was hilarious and adorable to see him jump every time the buzzer was used.

Jeremiah got to play with Nana all morning and have lunch out with her. He was so excited after the fun morning he decided he didn't need to nap. I was disappointed but he held it together really well! We had a fun afternoon playing with, I think, every toy in the house. By the time Daddy got home, this was how were were all feeling...

Here's hoping we all sleep well tonight and tomorrow is calmer then today!

Good Friday

Who can call Good Friday, “Good,”
A term too ‘oft misunderstood.
You who were bought by the blood of His cross,
You can call Good Friday, “Good!”

by Johnny Hart, B.C. Comic

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Getting ready to say bye

My papa's health has been failing. Last week I found out that it was time to start getting ready to say good bye. Today I found out that he's starting to slip away. It's so much harder then I thought it would be. I've been so removed with Ephram's pending birth and being in Georgia while Papa and my family are in Oklahoma. Now that the time is here, it's incredibly hard.

One of the most special memories I have of my Papa is from when I was a little girl, around five. I went to work with him. He let me sit at his big desk to color and play with the phone some. He needed o get a hair cut before we went home. While he had his hair cut I had my very first manicure! Granted, it was soaking my fingers in warm, soapy water and then having my nails painted. But it was a big deal! It was a fun day, just me and my Papa.

A little later, for my birthday maybe, he sent my an album with all the pictures of us from that day. Being in his office, walking through the building and him getting his hair cut while I had my manicure. I've always treasured that album because I knew Papa had done it just for me. Now, as he's passing it's a little more special to me.

Here are some pictures of when I was last with my Papa back in December. I'm so thankful that Matt, Jeremiah and I were able to be in Kansas for so long at Christmas. It gave us a chance to really spend time with my grandparents and let them get to know Jeremiah a little more.

Grandma and Papa. Great picture of Papa!

My whole family with my grandparents

My sisters and our kids with our grandparents

My grandparents with all of their great grandbabies

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

38 Weeks

Full term! Just waiting for Ephram to decided he's done cooking and ready to come meet us!

I feel like I'm carrying differently this time, more out in front. Maybe it's because I've been chasing a toddler this pregnancy, not sitting at a desk having a snack. :-)

Ephram is starting to drop, wohoo! I can breath so much easier now!

I've started getting swollen. Freaks Matt out because by the end of the day I can leave finger prints in my legs. Gross, I know.

My braxton hicks contractions are getting more painful. Most of the time I need to stop what I'm doing to deal with them. They're still very irregular. Every time they start to get consistent they stop. Keeps me on my toes thinking "This could be it!"

I've been trying to take advantage of the last bit of time I'll have as a momma of one. Taking Jeremiah for walks, playing outside, anything he really likes just so we can have some special time together.

Getting ready for Ephram has been a lot easier in some ways. I know what to expect. I know what I want and need to have at the hospital and around the house for all of our sanity. It's been harder too. Trying to make freezer meals, clean, and organize all the baby stuff isn't so easy when there is an incredibly sweet helper following me around. I keep reminding myself, if it doesn;t get done before Ephram's born, it apparently didn't have to. Despite what I initially thought. Another hard part is logistics. Brenda, my MIL, is keeping Jeremiah while I'm in labor. So thankful for that! The thing I can't figure out is car seats. Do we put Jeremiah's car seat in her car and Ephram's in ours. Do we put both boys car seat in our car? Still have no idea how that will work out. Just need to make sure we have the car seat in the car we leave the hospital in. :-)

Here's the 38 weeks picture. Matt kept telling me I looked like I have a basketball under my shirt. I didn't believe him. Maybe I should have.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

2 years old!

Two years ago today I got to hold my little boy for the first time. I can't believe it's been 2 years! Seems like just a moment ago and a life time.

Right after he was born

His first birthday

Showing how old he is now

Getting ready to enjoy his cake!

Sweet Jeremiah,

You're becoming such a big boy! You've learned so much over the past year. You've learned how to walk and talk. But not only those kind of things but also the beginnings of self control, obedience and loving spirit. Daddy and I are thrilled to see God developing these qualities in you already. We're so proud of you! We can't wait to see how you grow and God changes you this year! We love you so much!

Daddy and Momma

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

36 Weeks

My belly button has almost popped out. Freaks me out because that never happened when I was pregnant with Jeremiah. I'm getting swollen. Not nearly as bad as it was with Jeremiah but enough to where I've had to stop wearing my wedding ring. Never realized how much I played with my ring until I stopped wearing it.

Still having braxton hicks contractions. On Sunday night I thought I might need to call my midwife because I was having painful contractions every 10 minutes for 2 hours. Thankfully they slowed down. To clarify, I am seeing the midwives at my practice but planning on getting an epidural. I switched because there are less midwives then doctors, so I get to know them better. Plus, they're much more personal during appointment and from what I've heard during labor. I went back and forth for a while on if I wanted to have a natural labor. After a lot of talking to Matt, praying and research, decided I just really don't care about having a natural labor. After having contraction off and on for the last 10 weeks, I'm over it. :-)

Jeremiah still loves on the baby but doesn't really get it. The other day he tried to feed the baby his cookie. He's going to be such a sweet big brother!

Ephram is getting so big that you can easily see him moving through my belly. Kind of creepy looking, but awesome! Matt and I spend a good part of the evening "playing" with Ephram. Getting us very excited for in a few weeks when Ephram will be here! He'll be here before I know it!