Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Jeremiah's turning out to be a very creative little boy! He loves playing with stickers, play dough and coloring. Here's his latest creation. Thankfully, it's not on the wall!

This is serious stuff!


The finished product. After multiple moves from shirt, to cheek, to paper.

I love how he crosses his feet.


My 26th birthday was last week. It was a low key day that my two boys made very special...

Matt had Jeremiah color a picture for me. Jeremiah gave it to me and the immediately ripped the stickers off and put them on his cheek.

Jeremiah said birthday for the first time on my birthday. Made this Momma feel very loved!

Matt grilled my favorite chicken.

Like I said low key, but with all the business we have coming up, low key was just what I needed!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Terrible Twos

Who this sweet boy? It couldn't be terrible! He'sbeen testing us. Last night was point and case.
Jeremiah decided I wastaking too long to make dinner, so went looking in the pantry. He found something tasty! Syrup! Didn't know he had gotten that out till I see it on the carpet. Thankfully, it came out no problem.
After dinner, Matt and I were relaxing in the living room while Jeremiah played in the play room. I could hear him playing with his cars so wasn't worried. Until it was quiet, and had been for a few minutes. Matt went to check it out. His response, "Oh no... Megan!" I walk in and this is what I saw.

Except I saw Jeremiah standing up the table with black drool on his face, shirt and hands. I had forgotten to pick up the crayons after we had colored. Jeremiah ate part of a black one. He realized spit and crayon made a paint like substance and went to town on the wall.

Is it bad that my first reaction was, "This is hilarious! Where's my camera???" Wasn't so hilarious when we were trying toclean it up and figure out if the generic brand crayons were nontoxic. After a call to my mom, the store where we got the crayon, Mom, and poison control we decided we would all make it through the night. Barely!

I'm so glad we haven't painted Jeremiah's big boy room yet. Until we do, there will be some black hand prints on the wall.

Some few more pictures of Jeremiah's "art".

Thursday, March 3, 2011

31 Weeks

I'm 31 weeks and feeling good. Starting to feel big but know that I'll be a lot bigger by the end. I'm happy because I can still wear my wedding ring!

Jeremiah loves to pull up my shirt to look at my belly. He'll pat it, give it kisses and some times whack it. :-)He' pretty sweet, most of the time. My belly is starting to get in his way though. He's not able to snuggle up against me like he wants to. Lap space is getting limited, if not close to nonexistent.

Ephram seems to be a lot like his big brother. Very active! Except for when Matt tries to feel him. Ephram will be wiggling away, but once Matt tries to feel Ephram stops.