Monday, October 31, 2011

6 months

It's been a busy month for Ephram! Turning half a year old is a big deal!

  • Started solid foods. At first he was not a fan, now he loves it! And we've only tried rice cereal. Veggies are coming this week.
  • Sits up on his own now.
  • Loves to sit and pull toys out of a basket.
  • Has started making a "fart" (for lack of a better word) noise.
  • Extremely ticklish! On his sides, under arms and especially is collar bones.
  • Still not rolling from his tummy to his back. He so close! I can't wait because he has woken up a few times stuck on his tummy.
  • Not sleeping through the night yet. I'm hoping that by the next update that will have changed.
  • Tomorrow he will have his six month appointment, so I'll have an update on his weight then!

    Trying rice cereal for the first time

"This is not milk!"

"That wasn't so bad."

Six months

Look a like

Both of my boys at six months. Can you tell them apart?


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Look a likes

Can you tell which boy is which?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Jeremiah Update

Here's a conversation we had at the dinner table.
Jeremiah swallows, "Where'd it go?"
Me: "It's in your tummy."
Jeremiah lifts up his shirt and looks at his tummy.
Me: "When you swallow the food goes from your mouth to your tummy."
Jeremiah holding up one hand and putting the other in his mouth: "I get it!"
He tried so hard to get it that he made himself gag! Matt and I were laughing One of the funniest things I've seen him do.

One of his favorite things to do is play outside and look for bugs. He walks around the yard, "You-who! Bugs! Where'd da go? Go to church, bug go to church." I love that that's his first thought. Encourages me that we're on the right track with him.

When we pray at meals and before bed Jeremiah always makes sure we hold Ephram's hands too. Jeremiah asks often that we thank God for Ephram. He's such a sweet big brother.When his love isn't too tough.

He loves to play with Tonks. Tonks isn't super well trained so she doesn't drop her toy on command. He's discovered that if he and Tonks both have her toy, he just needs to scream as loud as he can and she'll drop it. Works every time!

He knows his colors.

Can count to three and we're working on our other numbers.

9 days out of 10 he doesn't get out of bed before falling asleep! Huge milestone for us!

Ready. Set. ROLL!

5 Months

  • Ephram rolls a lot now! He rolls from back to tummy, no problem. Still hasn't gotten the hang of tummy to back
  • He's cutting his first tooth. Been a painful process for all of us.
  • Drank from a cup for the first time. Was quit traumatic since it was cold breast milk. His eyes popped open, arms started waving and screaming. Maybe we'll try warm milk next time.
  • Doesn't like a paci anymore.
  • No longer wants to be swaddled. Uses a sleepsack sometimes.
  • Is fascinated by his big brother!
  • Loves looking at books.
  • As you can tell from some of the pictures, loves being outside.

To My Sweet Boys

This post is in response to a comment "my boys" left me.

Dear Boys,

You're right, there has been a lack of photos and blogging on here. A lot of that is due to a lack of comments on said photos. Talk to Aunt Kierstyn and Grandma about getting better about that and I'll work on getting better at posting current pictures.

Love, Momma

The boys comment...

dear mommy, we wanted to let you know that the ephram is now over 5 months old and jeremiah is almost 21/2 yrs old....there seems to be a shocking lack of current photos of us on this blog and since we are half of the dang wilsons we would like to be better represented. if not we might have to share this issue with aunt kierstyn!! but we love you best, so you get first shot!

love your sweet boys!!

4 Month Pictures... Finally!