Monday, June 27, 2011

Big Boy Bed

While we were in Oklahoma, Jeremiah figured out how to get out of the pack-n-play. He's gotten out of them before, but never in the middle of the night or out of his own crib. We got home from the airport at 12:45. Jeremiah slept in it no problem. But he came into out room the next morning.

Since he won't stay in his crib any more he's making the move to the big boy bed! It's been a lot harder then I thought! It's like having another new born. He's not sleeping through the night any more and waking up SUPER early!

We're on day 6 of working on the big boy bed. The first 2 nights it took him 2 hours to fall asleep! Night 3 was only 45 minutes! Yay! Moving the right direction. Night 4 was 75 minutes. Last night was about 45 again. We had been using the SuperNanny technique, where you put them back in bed without speaking to the child. That was working alright at bed time but when Jeremiah woke up during the night it didn't help. Night before last Jeremiah was up from 3:30 till 5:30! Yesterday was a LONG day.

I did some more research and found that when kids are first moving into a big bed, starting right next to the child and slowly working your way out of the room works well. Matt and I were getting desperate and decided we would give that a try. It worked really well! It was the best night Jeremiah's had since being in his new bed. Fell asleep within an hour. Got up at 3:30, took him about an hour to stay asleep. Got up 20 minute after falling back asleep but feel right back to sleep. This is the best part, he slept till 6:45! YAY!

I'm interested to see how this new technique will work at nap time. Nap times are hard since I'm the only adult here during the day. Yesterday I was trying to keep Jeremiah in bed while nursing. Not an easy task! I called Matt to come home and help. :-) Hopefully last night we turned a corner.

Passed out in his big boy bed

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Family Pictures

Fathers Day

Late I know, but we did not have a quiet Father's Day. My Papa Jimmie passed away on the Thursday before Father's Day. We were at the airport trying to Oklahoma City last Sunday. We were incredibly blessed to be able to fly standby and all four of us be able to make it out.

Father's Day afternoon we were at the funeral home with my family. It was an emotional Father's Day for all of us. It was the first Father's day since both my papa's passed. As hard as that was there were some good things. I was able to see my daddy. It was Matt's first Father's Day with two sons.

All my boys!

Happy Father's Day Matt! I'm so thankful for the father you are and the example you give our boys of what a godly man is. Love you!

2 months

Ephram is two months old! Makes me a little sad that he's already out of the new born stage, but I love how interactive he's getting!

  • Smiles a lot!

  • Cooing and making all kinds of sweet baby noises

  • Starting to out grow his 3 month clothes! He wore a 6 month sleeper last night!

  • Wearing cloth diapers. Nothing cuter then a baby in a bright colored clothe diaper!

  • When in disposables in size 2 diapers.

  • Prefers to sleep in his swing

  • Still loves to be swaddled

  • A paci baby

  • Starts to cry to get my undivided attention

  • On a 3 - 3 and a half hour schedule

  • Goes one 6 hour stretch at night. He's waking up to nurse out of habit, hopefully we'll be sleeping through the night soon!

  • Clutches onto burp rags or his clothes when he's really up set

  • At his two month appointment was 12 lbs 10 oz and 22 and half inches