Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wreath ADD

Spring is almost here! And that means new decorations! I have a door mat that I really like, but nothing that coordinates to go one the door. I'm not one to go spend a ton of cash on one. So I got online ant started checking out some blogs for ideas.

I was planning on doing this one.

Went to Hobby Lobby to get everything I needed. Once Jeremiah was done for his nap I got to work. When I was almost finished, I realized I wasn't feeling it. It looked messy to me. I put it aside to try to think of something else to make with the supplies I had.

When I put the wreath down it, it landed upside down. I liked the clean lines of the ribbon. Reminded me of another wreath.

Last night I got to work on my wreath redo. I was pleased with how it turned out, but felt like it was missing something.

I really liked this one.

Only problem was, I don't have a sewing machine, or sew. After some brain storming and rummaging through my craft box I found the solution! More matching ribbon, coordinating felt and puff paint.
By using felt, you just need to cut it to size. Much easier!

Like I said, I have wreath ADD. After making three different wreaths I finally have one I like! It matches my mat and has bright colors that I love.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Last month I asked for your advice on curtains for my dinning room. Thanks for all the help! I thought about it a lot and took these back. Decided I wanted some with a pattern. After many trips to different stored I found some I love!

They still need some work. They're floor length which is not a good fit for my family right now. Right now they're just folded over the rod, classy I know. I'm planning on recruiting my mom to help me shorten them. How not quite sure. Good thing Mom is good at that kind of stuff!

The whole dinning room

Close up of fabric


Last year I posted some pictures of Jeremiah's bathroom. Loved it, except the boring builders beige paint! Why is it that new homes are all that awful color? And flat paint no less. This weekend Matt painted the bathroom for me. Yay for no more beige!

I always get a little nervous when picking paint because I love bright colors but don't want my walls too bright. After much deliberation I picked a light blue. Thought it might be lighter then I wanted but I'm so pleased with the color I'm thinking about painting Jeremiah's new room the same color!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Living the Curse, Baby

You know. The curse that was placed on Adam and Eve when they were thrown out of Eden when they had disobeyed. That's what Matt and I are living!

We've been trying to get grass to grow in our back yard since we moved in, 2 and a half years ago! Each year we get a little more. But still have large bald spots. We're desperately trying to get a grassy lawn for this summer. Especially since we'll have a very busy 2 year old! Not to mention a tired Momma who will be glad to be able to sit in a lawn chair and watch him run while Ephram sleeps.

Every time Matt tells me that it's frustrating or a struggle to grow the grass. I just remind him that this is part of the curse. Such an encouraging wife, huh?

Don't worry, I get a taste of it too. When I start complaining about about being uncomfortable during this pregnancy, Matt tells me what I told him, it's just part of living with the curse!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Can't have too many silkies!

He says three as I'm saying two.