Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Timothy Joel

On Sunday, the 31st of January my mom came to visit for a week. She had just visited Kierstyn's house and then drove to Georgia. I was so excited to have her! We were going to hang out, shop and do some sewing. At least that was the plan.

Tuesday morning we got a call from Kierstyn saying she was going to L&D to be check. She found out her water had broken and was going to be having Timothy that day! 23 days before her scheduled c-section. Mom and I were stunned! Mom, Jeremiah and I were in the van heading to TX by 1pm.

I was a little concerned about how Jeremiah would do in the car for so long. He had been on a road trip to MS before. But that was only 6 hours away. This trip was going to take 14 hours, without 9 month old! He did really well! He would get board (can you blame him?) so I would sit in the back with him. We would sing, read books, play peekaboo, and thing else that would keep him entertained.

Crackers are one of Jeremiah's favorite snacks. Makes every bearable. He ate/smashed lots of crackers.

Dinner stop! Cracker Barrel is an awesome place to stop when traveling with kids! No cared if he started getting loud, lots to play with and see and food he could eat!

His first night in a hotel! On my goodness. We stopped in Baton Rouge and didn't get to the hotel till after 11. Jeremiah was passed out in his car seat. Dad made a reservation and made sure there would be a crib in the room when we got there. Got to the room and no crib. I called the front desk, I was assured it was on the way. 20 minutes later, still no crib. Jeremiah is starting to get his second wind, great! Mom called to see what the old up was, the crib was in another room. About 20 minutes after mom called, there was a knock on the door. House keeping finally brought the crib! Yay!
By this time I'm exhausted and cranky. I look at the crib and see there's already a sheet on it. My first thought was, "how do I know this is clean???" I bit my tongue trying not to lose it. We asked about the sheet and the house keeping just didn't get what we were trying to say or what the big deal was. I'm not proud to say I let the house keeping lady have it at that point. I ended up ripping the sheet off my bed and putting it on the crib.
At this point Jeremiah is pasted exhausted and won't go to sleep. He just kept screaming. Momma was finally able to get him calmed down and asleep. By the time everyone was asleep it was after 1.
Day two of the drive was harder for Jeremiah, and therefore harder for me and Mom! When I went to put him in his car seat he started to cry. Poor baby. He was so done. But we made it! We got to Kierstyn's house that afternoon.
Kierstyn's kids were so excited! They were excited about their new brother and mom, Jeremiah and I being there. Jeremiah was a little overwhelmed at first. By the end of the week he was in the middle of everything and keeping up with his cousins.

I got to go to the NICU with Kierstyn that evening. Here she is, holding her 7lbs preemie. Praise God that Kierstyn and Curtis have HUGE babies or Timothy would have been in the NICU a lot longer.

Timothy Joel Krajca February 2, 2010 7 lbs 2 ozs 20 inches

Holding my newest nephew! He's such a sweetie! There were so many cords, everywhere! They kept falling off, causing alarms to go off. Stressed me out! I thought they might not let me hold him any more. Thankfully, Kierstyn knew what to do and I got to keep holding him.

Timothy was released from the NICU, only to be diagnosed with jaundice! The nurse had a brilliant idea of using the Bili blanket. Timothy got the treatment he needed and be in the room with Kierstyn. I know the coloring isn't great in this picture, but I wanted to show the glowing blanket.

The Krajca's, now a family of 6!

Jeremiah was pretty oblivious of Timothy most of the time. Toward the end of the time he started to be aware of him. I think he'll be a good big cousin!
The day after we got to TX, Jeremiah had a low grade fever. Took him to a doc-in-the-box the next day. Mom went too, she had a sinus infection. They said Jeremiah had just a cold but to bring him back in if the fever continued over the weekend. He had a fever off and on all weekend. Sunday night I was chilled and couldn't get warm. Chalked it up to being tired. The next morning I was miserable! Jeremiah's fever was over 100. He and I both went to the doc-in-the-box. Jeremiah had a double ear infection and bronchitis! No wonder he had a fever! I had strep and a sinus infection. We both got on Amoxicillin and spent the rest of the day quarantined and resting. Not bad at first, but we were both stir crazy by the end of the day.
Friday, the day before we flew home it start snowing in GA. My reaction was no big deal! Matt reminded me that this was in GA, where they don't know how to handle snow. The next morning my flight was canceled. I was so upset! We had been gone 11 days! We were both ready to be home and with Matt.
We were able to get on a flight leaving later in the day. Jeremiah was so sleepy on the flight! Every time I tried to help him go to sleep it just ticked him off. I started stressing out since we were on a packed flight! No one likes listening to a fussy baby.
I did learn an important lesson that I'll share. If you have a sippy cup with a straw in it, you need to unscrew the lid to equalize the pressure before,. If you don't juice will spray out of the straw onto the side of the plane and almost hitting the person in front of you. Also, when you try to stop the spray of juice, don't just cover it up with your hand. Yes, it'll prevent anyone else from getting wet, but you'll get soaked and so will you already cranky baby. No good!
It's was a whirl wind trip. But I'm so glad that I was able to go be with Kierstyn and meet Timothy so quickly after he was born. I was even more glad to get home!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

10 months

Doesn't seem like that long ago I did the 9 month blog! All too soon I'll be blogging his first birthday. Goodness, not going to think about that yet! Here's what's new with him this month...

  • Crawling! We call it a wounded army crawl. May not be pretty, but he is fast!

  • Just cut his sixth tooth

  • Tries to get into the fireplace, all the time. Good thing we live in the south where we don't use it

  • Still loves his thumb

  • Starting to use his left hand for eating and picking things up

  • Turning into quite the jokester

  • Favorite song is This Little Light of Mine. He'll wave one finger till you start singing, once you singing he starts clapping

  • Loves dogs! Starting to point to them when asked "where's the doggie?"

  • So ticklish

  • Not interested in standing or pulling up

Kierstyn took these pictures while we were at her house last week