Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Snack Time

Been a while since I've posted pictures of Mr. Jeremiah. He was being so sweet sitting on the couch with me this morning. Once the camera came out, the sweetness went away. He was still sweet. Just very busy!

Lucky for me, Jeremiah is part hobbit, so we eat all day. There's breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, snack and then dinner. Sometimes another little snack before bed. Anyways, it's much easy to capture my boy when he's strapped in his highchair.

Where'd it go?

We take eat seriously around here.

Gorp (trail mix)

Yummy stuff!

His feet are huge!

Love these little hands

Sweet smile

I know it's a little blurry and over exposed, but I love this picture! Classic happy face.

Piercing blue eyes

Life is better with a full tummy

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oreo Balls

If you're ever looking for an amazingly quick, easy and delicious dessert, then this is the answer you're looking for! Jeremiah and I made a batch last week for a baby shower. All you do is:

Crush 1 package of Oreos. I used a food processor, but I know people who put them in a bag and let their kids jump on them.

Mix Oreo crumbs with 1 block of soften cream cheese.

Make bite size balls out of the mixture. I put mine on a wax covered cookie sheet and in the freezer for an hour or so.

Dip the frozen balls in melted chocolate. You can get different flavors and colors of candy wafers from Hobby Lobby. The Bakers Chocolate works just as well. Let dry on wax paper. Store in the fridge.

When Jeremiah and I were making them, I had him sitting on the counter so he could push the button on the food processor. As I was putting in the Oreos, Jeremiah grabbed one and shoved it in his mouth before I could stop him! Once he knew I was going to let him eat it, he pulled the cookies apart and took his time eating it. He loved it! He kept asking me for more. :-)


Jeremiah loves oatmeal. I can count on him to gobble it up. This morning he just wasn't feeling it. No big deal. The three of us were all in my room. Matt and I were getting ready for the day while Jeremiah played. He left and went into the kitchen. Figured he wanted his cup. I hear him going, "Mmmmm! Mmm!" Getting suspicious I go to see what he's so excited about. This is what I found.

He had pulled his bowl of oatmeal of the table, on to the chair and was chowing down! He ate the rest out of the bowl and a lot off the chair. Good thing I mopped my kitchen yesterday!

Today is off to an exciting start!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

If momma ain't happy...

Ain't nobody happy! I've been thinking about that saying a lot lately. Mostly because I've seen the truth of it in my family. The days where I'm in a bad mood, I get very impatient. Not a good thing to be when you're home with a little one. Jeremiah ends up on edge and it just makes the day worse for both of us. Matt comes home to an inpatient and now frustrated wife and a little boy who's cranky. Not quiet the welcome he was expecting, I'm sure.

Yesterday was like that. Matt needed to go into work for a little bit. Not a big deal. Well, a little bit turned into four hours. I don't do well if things don't go as planned. I got my panties in a twist and let him know it. Jeremiah changed the plan by taking an hour long nap instead of the typical 3 hour nap. I got annoyed at both of them. Like it was a personal attack. When Matt got home all three of us were cranky.

There are other days that are great! I find great joy in being with Jeremiah. Building a tower over and over again for him, just so he can knock it down, singing silly songs and dancing with him just because he likes it. He's in a great mood then! I enjoy baking for my husband and surprising him with it when he get home. The evening is so much better on these days.

What makes the difference between these days? I know it's me, but what exactly? This past week I've had an epiphany. The days that were great, were the ones where I got up and read my Bible to start my day. The days when I decided to hit the snooze were the bad days. When I realized that I was blown away. You would think I would have figured it out a while a go. By me not making sure I have gotten myself focused on Christ, I end up focused on myself. Of course I'm going to be impatient with Jeremiah when he doesn't take a good nap, because I'm not able to relax and do what I want. Why would I want to serve my husband? He should be serving me! So selfish.

On the days where I did read my Bible there were still times when I could of gotten frustrated. Matt worked from before 8am till 8pm one day last week. I'm used to having him home in the evening to help with Jeremiah. When I found out he was staying late, I'm not going to lie, I wasn't a very happy wife. I could of let myself think it wasn't fair and let Matt know what I was thinking causing him to stress out even more. But what good would that have done? Matt works incredibly hard to provide for our family and enable me to stay home. How lucky am I to have a husband how's willing to make that sacrifice? By not letting myself get my panties in a twist, I was able to find a reason to be thankful- Matt.

Crazy. The same situation, polar opposite reactions on my part, and polar opposite evenings.

It's amazing the difference 15 minutes at the start of the day makes in my whole day! Let me encourage you: at some point during the day, make the time to fellowship with God alone and see the difference it makes in your day.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

That time again

Time for another update on Jeremiah!

Favorite place to be is outside. He'll go to the door and say Si (side). Preferably by a road so he can wave to all the cars as they pass.

Blows on his food now. Not sure how much he cools it down, but it's absolutely adorable!

Now says "shoes!" He also has big boy shoes. No more soft sole shoes for my walker.

Signs, More, Please, All Done, Thank you, Thirsty, Eat. He's come up with his own sign for Help, throwing his hand up over his head. The other day he came running out of his room, grunting, with his hands over his head. I followed him back in, and he pointed to his crib. His silky was where he couldn't reach it, so he came it got me for help. How smart is he???

Will tell you the duck says quack, sometimes.

Loves to play soccer with his daddy. Once he kicks it into a wall, he starts clapping and puts his hands in the air and waits for someone to yell "GOOOOOOAL".

Plays pic-a-boo and chase.

Getting over his fear of having his face in the water. Will even blow bubbles!

Says Momma and Dada all the time.

Blows kisses when saying bye-bye.

Knows the Skype ring and will come running to the laptop when he hears it.

Sleeps with a blanket in the crib now.

Fascinated by the dog's bowls. I just don't get what's so interesting about them or why they needed to be dumped out, continually!

Will sit in his room looking at book.

Had our first toilet encounter this week. Apparently his silky needed to be washed. So he put it in the toilet, then wadded it up and left it on the floor to dry. Nice, huh?

These are just some of the things my very busy little boy is up too!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bitter Sweet Day

The Bitter: Today I would have been 20 weeks pregnant. I would be finding out if I was going to have another little boy or maybe a little girl. Matt and I were already talking about names and what we guessed we were having. It's hard knowing what could of been.

The Sweet: Today I found my hormone levels are finally normal. Praise the Lord! After 11 long weeks my body is finally getting back to normal.

Like I said, bitter sweet.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Of course we had to take some pictures of Jeremiah and his four cousins while we were in Kansas! Kierstyn found her boys matching outfits. Mom was able to find one in Jeremiah's size too! I figure we don't get to dress kids forever, so might as well make them match before they care. Plus it's just so stinkin' cute!

Shannon, my sister-in-law, was in town last month with her daughter. Shannon took cousin pictures of Kaitlyn and Jeremiah. They piano they're next to was Brenda's, my mother-in-law, from when she was a little girl. Pretty special, huh?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

4t Fun... Part 2

The rain cleared up so we were able to go see fireworks! The company my dad works for owns a park with a pound where they shoot off fireworks. I was a little nervous how Jeremiah would do. One: because we had put him down for the night and then got him back up, and that doesn't usually go well. Two: it was his first time watching fireworks.
I didn't need to worry about how Jeremiah would do because there was play equipment. Great distraction from being sleepy!
Timothy's first time seeing fireworks too!

Momma and Kierstyn

Micah and Benjamin on the merry-go-round. It was all fun till a few minutes later. Micah went flying off it, and bonked his head. Good thing he's Mighty Micah!
Daddy and Momma

With their crazy grandbabies

Dad and Jeremiah
My handsome hubby

"Ooooh! Ahhhh!"

Jeremiah LOVED the fireworks! He didn't freak out over the noise. During the finale he started laughing, yelling and clapping. Fireworks are exciting stuff!

Enjoying the show

Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th Fun... Part 1

We loaded up and flew to my parents house in Kansas for the 4th of July. Jeremiah did really well on the flight! There was a little girl, who was flying alone, sitting next to us. Jeremiah was fascinated by her and her toys! After a while he gave in to the sleep.
We had an awesome trip! It rained most of the days we were there. Everyone was a little worried on the 4th when it started pouring rain while we were in church! Even though we stayed inside that afternoon, we still managed to have fun.
My all American boy

He loves baked beans!

My sweet family

Grand-Daddy showing the kids how to make homemade icecream

Jeremiah tasting homemade icecream for the first time!
He loved it, just like the rest of the family.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Been Awhile

Sorry I've been MIA. June 30th was Matt and I's third anniversary and we were going out of town the next day. We spent the 4th with my family. My sister in her crew came in so that my whole immediate family was there! Last time we were all together was Thanksgiving. Way too long! We had an awesome trip and took tons of pictures. I was going to work on posting some today but I am already to head to bed. You know how it is once you get back from a trip. Pictures will be up this weekend!