Tuesday, November 29, 2011

7 Months

Ephram turned seven months while we were visiting my family for Thanksgiving. It's been exciting to see more and more of his little personality come out.

  • He now has 2 teeth! The bottom two. I don;t think the third is too far behind. 
  • Loves eating! But not baby food. I think it's the spoon he doesn't like. He'll eat anything that he can put in his mouth or I feed him off my finger. He's eaten many more foods then I would have ever thought about giving Jeremiah at this age!
  • Still not sleeping through the night. While teething he was waking up every three hours! Thankfully he's back to just once a night.
  • He's a lover boy! He'll grab my face and give me kisses, violently! When I pull away from him my hair has been pulled out of it's poney tail and droll is covering my face. He kisses other people, but not with the same intensity.
  • He has discovered Tonks and is fascinated by her!
  • Can roll both ways, but just has no desire to do it. He's very content.
  • We're starting to sign with him. There have been a couple times I've thought he's tried to sign milk. It seems like he's starting to get the meaning of the signs. Pretty exciting.
  • In his big boy convertible car seat.
  • Last week Matt weighed him on our scale, 21 lbs! He's my chunky monkey.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Weighing in

At Ephram's 6 month appointment he weighed 19lbs and 6oz! I was a little surprised he was so close to 20lbs already. What really surprised me was that at Jeremiah's 6 month appointment he was 17lbs 9oz. Ephram weighs 2lbs more then Jeremiah did at the same age! Up till this point the boys have been an ounce a part. At birth,  2 months and 4 months. Just one ounce. Now Ephram is up 2lbs! He's a chunky monkey and I love it!