Sunday, August 31, 2008

It begins

Last week I started feeling a little sick in the morning. Nothing that some crackers wouldn't fix. Today I had full on morning sickness. No fun. During church anytime I touched Matt he thought I was trying to tell him I was abut to be sick again. Thankfully I was sick only at the house. I'm hoping it won't get much worse then this.
I don't know how hopeful I am since my mom and grandmother both had horrible morning sickness! My mom had to go to the doctor and have IVs put in to rehydrate all through her pregnancy! My grandfather tells stories of having to shove people out of the way on the subway in New York City so my grandma could be sick. Like I said, not too hopeful. Some good news is my sister Kierstyn was sick a little at the beginning of her pregnancies, and that's about it. Maybe I'll be like her. Here's hoping! 


For those of you who haven't seen I beat my dad in our blogging wars.  Yea! I'll try to keep having a good blog!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A good day

Friday, I got to work was really tired and then found out one of our tellers called out. That meant there were only two tellers for the bank. I had to work the drive thru alone. I was not looking forward to the day. 
Midmorning I had a customer come through who I've gotten to know some. She told me she had a gift for me. I was stunned! She gave me some air freshener from Pier 1. It was really sweet of her and made the day better.
When I went out for lunch I went to a sandwich place that banks with us. The manager was there so I was talking to him while I ordered. When I went to check out they handed me a cup and that was it. I was so confused! The manager told me that they were buying my lunch! He's reason was that I'm their favorite Regions employee and I go the extra mile. 
What was really encouraging to me was that people noticed and appreciate how I do my job. I was amazed that what started out as a bad day turned turned into a great day!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bald spot

This morning I was running a little late for work so I was rushing as I was doing my makeup. I went to curl my eyelashes and hear a funny noise. Didn't think anything of it till I went to put on my mascara and it wasn't going on evenly. I look closer and I'm missing some eyelashes. I look at my eyelash curler and see I'm missing a lot of eyelashes! Some how some of my eyelashes got cut off! I was horrified! It's not to noticeable as long as I'm not wearing mascara and I wear my glasses. I hope they grow back. Do eyelashes grow back, anyone know?

It's official

Matt and I are pregnant! We're about 6 weeks along. The baby s due April 22. We're so excited to be expecting our first child.  Everything  seems to be going really well. We're so happy!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


 Brenda and Rick gave us their old dining room table. We were so excited because in our house we have a dining room but no table. For the past few months it been an empty room, mainly used to play with Tonks. 

The table was really nice but not our style.  I came up with the idea of painting the chair and legs of the table and re-stain the top. Matt and I love watching home make over shows. We've seen them do this bunches of time. We went for it! Turned out to be much more of a project then
we fist thought it would be. Thankfully we got                                                                                         some help. Matt's uncle Keith was a  help! He got 
us some amazing black paint. Paint that's used on jets, so we know this is going to hold up!

After probably a month of work, the table is finished! We're so please with how it turned out. I think it's awesome to have something in our home that we worked on together. 

Thanks Brenda, Ricky and Keith for all the help! 

It's on, Old Man....

I've been getting a lot of complaints (DAD) over the last few weeks about how I never blog anymore. This morning I do one post and as I'm waiting for my pictures to load, I'm looking at other blogs. What did I find? I poll on Dad's blog asking who's blog is better! Can you believe that??? All I have to say is, it's on. We'll see who has the better blog. 

So if you like my blog, please go vote for me! :-)


Shannon came and visited us the end of last week. We hung out with Ms. Terri on Friday, Mr. Ron was working all weekend so we didn't get to see him. Most of the weekend was spent watching the Olympics and moves. 
On Monday I had the day off so Shannon and I got to do fun girly stuff. We went shopping. Got pedicures. My toes nails are blue, Shannon's were a blue-purple! We went to O Charlie's for lunch. Very yummy! Monday evening I freaked out because I realized Shannon was leaving the next day and we hadn't take any pictures yet! Not a good thing for a scrapbooker to do. So here are the pictures from Shan's visit.



Gotta take a picture with Tonkers!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Shannon came to visit us on Thursday. We weren't the only ones to welcome her into our home. Ants did too! For some reason there is an army of ants trying to take over my kitchen. I don't have any bug spray so I have to use Grease Lighting, works surprisingly well! Today I found that the ants made their way to my bedroom, not good! Matt's going to get some bug killer that will hopefully get ride of them all tomorrow.  I feel like I have bugs on mw all the time. So gross.