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Cloth Diapers

I've always been intrigued by cloth diapers but thought it would be too gross and too hard. That I would have to put my hand in the toilet to get the poop off, I would have to do more laundry, and that I would have to change Jeremiah more often.
Once Matt and I made the decision for me to stay home we started looking for areas where we could cut back. I started seriously looking into cloth diapers. I know several moms who LOVE using cloth. After talking to them and research, I took the plunge! I order a small package of MotherEase diapers.

Today was the first day I got to try them out. Took a little while to get them figured out, but I've been really pleased! They haven't leaked at all and I haven't needed to change Jeremiah more then usual. Changing a poopy diaper was interesting. Did end up rinsing it off some in the toilet, well not me, Matt did. What a great husband and dad! I think there is a lot of trial and error in starting off with cloth diapers. So far it's going really well and I'm planning on getting more!

I think he likes it!

Way cuter than disposables!

Big boy

This feels a little different...

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