Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baby Update

Today Matt and I had a doctor's appointment. Nothing to exciting, blood work and talking to the doctor. We also got to listen to the baby's heart beat. Matt had the great idea of taking video of it so we can share it with you all!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Matt and I have been dying to paint since we've moved in. Today we finally started! 

After doing to cut in work. If you can't tell it's a nice blue. We have an awesome rug with a bunch of different colors in it. The blue on the wall goes with the rug. 

The finished product! Still need to do some touch up and paint the try ceiling. Plan is to do the try tomorrow and the touch up, soon. :-) We love it!

Next is the half bath. Have all the paint for that so hopefully within the next week we'll get it finish. I love color!

What a good husband!

Matt has been such an awesome help this week! Monday I did grocery shopping and made a meal plan for the week. Tuesday I get home from work and he has the salad ready, the ravioli cooking and was about to put rolls in the oven! Wednesday he did the same thing! This time with hamburgers, corn on the cob and home made french fries. Have to  admit I was worried about the fries at first. They were so good; I couldn't stop eating the them.

It's been so nice having him cook this week. Lately I've been getting off work and I'm exhausted and frustrated. I've really enjoyed being able to come home and have a yummy meal that I didn't cook. 

Thanks for all your help Matt! 

Monday, October 6, 2008

Baby Update

Had a doctor's appointment on Thursday. Not really sure what the point was since we went over the same thing last time I was there. Oh well, what ya gonna do? 

The midwife said she would try to find the baby's heart beat through my tummy. She warned that we might be able to find it since the baby is so small. I had her go ahead and try. She looked for close to 5 minutes and I was already start to stress that we couldn't find it. I guess I should have listened to the warning better! She found it for a split second and said it sounded good. After about another 5 minutes looking she found it again! Matt and I got to listen to it for a nice long time. The midwife guessed that the heart rate was about 160.

It was so amazing to get to hear our baby's heart beat! Since I'm not showing yet and haven't been sick it almost like I forget that I'm pregnant. Getting to hear the heart beat changes that! I'm always blown away when I think about the fact that Matt and my first baby is growing inside of me right now. What a miracle!

Next appointment is the end of the month. At that visit we'll probably get to set up our next sonogram. The sonogram where we find out what the baby is!