Tuesday, January 24, 2012

9 months

How is it that Ephram is 9 months old? I'm already starting to think about his first birthday party! Yesterday morning I looked at the clock at 10:44. It was strange to think that nine months ago he had been born yet. Then I started to laughing thinking about the exciting car ride we had going to the hospital and how grateful I am that he wasn't born at 10:44!

  • Sign "all done" and every now then he signs "more"
  • Can clap. He loves to sing If Your Happy and You Know it. He claps through the whole song.
  • Is a book worm already.
  • Not crawling yet, but has started rolling to get places.
  • Waves occasionally.
  • Sleeping much better! Still not through the night but so much better!
  • Splashing in the bathtub is one of his favorite things to do. Slashes almost as big as Jeremiah's
  • Loves being outside.  
  • Has 4 teeth!
  • Shakes his head no. Awesome.
  • Dances. It's a lot like shaking his head no, but to music
  • Wears size 12 month.
  • Weighs around 23lbs according to our scale. I take him for his 9 month appointment in a few weeks. So we won't have the official weight till then.
There's no picture yet because he has horrible diaper rash and is super cranky. Hopefully I'll get one in the next few day.

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M. Johnston said...

What a big boy! Thanks for the phpne pictures and Skyping to keep us up to date...and of course, we love the blogs.